105: Diversity=Strength. How to Embrace the Social Media Future.

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

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Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Privacy. Ever heard those four words mentioned together? You probably have. They all lead us to the current issues affecting all internet users today. As the landscape of social media continues to evolve, will the regulations on personal privacy catch up?

My guest this episode is Eric Diaz, he’s a Partner at Nativa, a multicultural marketing agency and CFO of OYE Business Intelligence, a social analytics company. We talked about the importance of finding Balance as an Entrepreneur, what’s happening with our privacy as social media continues to evolve, as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion programs in corporate America.

Diversity is more than a hiring term. Over the past decade, many U.S. brands have embraced multicultural messaging in marketing strategies since advertising, like most business models, has also evolved to a consumer-centered inbound practice where the buyer has more control over the narrative.

"Brands typically want to find multi-cultural influencers and have an open line of communication (with them)." - Eric Diaz
Nativa & OYE Intelligence Partner, Eric Diaz


  • If you’ve done your homework, and you believe that the risk you’re going to take is worthwhile, then go for it! Don’t let other people’s doubts creep into your confidence because you might be letting a great opportunity pass you by.

  • No matter what happens in the future of social media, data will continue to be something that will benefit businesses trying to reach consumers in a more authentic and engaging way. We have moved into a different model of reach, and the truth is that the consumer has a lot of power now.

  • Privacy terms will restrict insights that businesses can obtain about consumers, but users probably will not stop using social media anytime soon. People have given up part of their privacy in exchange for connectivity & ease of use.

  • We still need Diversity and Inclusion programs at work. Some people truly believe that people should just get over the isms…However, as Eric writes in his OP-ED below, "We should promote business programs that exist to celebrate culture, gender, sexual orientation or any other interest, especially in fields such as tech. These groups offer strength to their members as they find commonalities with other group members that come from similar places, speak similar languages and have had experiences that they can share and grow from. This has value in every industry in every country across the globe."

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