108: True Grit. How to be a Champion! With Super Bowl 46 Champ, Chris Canty

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

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In this episode of Diferente Podcast, we hang with Super Bowl 46 champion and former NY Giant, Chris Canty. For those who don’t follow football, Chris spent eleven years playing in the NFL, which is a really long career in the sport!

He’s now living his next dream... in broadcasting, as on-air talent. With regular appearances on Fox Sports One Network and a radio show on ESPN New York.

Chris is a true inspiration for anyone looking to make an impact. In this episode, we chat about growing from adversity, the ingredients to building a legacy, social justice in the NFL, and giving more than we take.

Plus there are a few keys that Chris shares with us about what it takes to be a champion on and off the field.

Superbowl 46 Champ, Chris Canty
“What you give says more to me about who you are, than anything else."

The ingredients to building a legacy and being a champion at life according to Chris Canty.

  • GIVING BACK. You can’t really be great until you help somebody else. And that means helping someone without expecting them to do anything in return.

  • WORK ETHIC. Working hard when given the opportunity to do something great. Otherwise someone else will come along and take that opportunity from you.

  • SELF DISCIPLINE. Make sure that you do the things you want to do, but understand that you have to be a master of yourself before you can grow. Sometimes that means you have to make sacrifices.

A day at Chris's Camp of Champions

I don’t know about you but that whole part about being a morning person really stuck with me.

Are you a super productive morning person? What’s your secret to being a morning ninja?

Follow Chris in his new journey on Instagram @chriscanty99

You can also learn more about his charitable work by visiting the Chris Canty Foundation website.

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