119: Access & Money. How to find financial freedom. With Millennial Money, Shannah Compton Game

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

My guest in this episode of Diferente is Shannah Compton Game. She’s a Certified Financial Planner living in California, who has her own story of financial struggle, growth and freedom. She hosts the popular podcast, Millennial Money, where she believes that with a few tools, some real-life education, and a little kick in the butt, you can truly master your MONEY and live the life the life you want.

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We discuss the things that help us access financial freedom through making the right decisions for our lifestyle, so we can grow our wealth and lower our debt, while also finding new sources of income… hello, side hustles and entrepreneurship!

Shannah shared fantastic money tips and upcoming trends that we could all benefit from.

You can find excellent money tips on Shanna’s website or check out her Millennial Money podcast!