121: Access & Representation. How to grow through discourse. With, Tom Kelly

This is the fourth edition of our Access Series. And in honor of the fast approaching November election, we’re talking Access & Representation in our communities.

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My guest this episode is Former White House Senior Policy Advisor, Tom Kelly, and current Director of Capital Development and Buildings Administration at Wayne County Michigan.

In other words, Tom has spent a large part of his career working to improve access & representation on a variety of issues that affect our communities.

We discuss how we need discourse now more than ever, in order to engage diverse points of view so we can find better solutions to the problems our world faces today, and why the biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you have all the answers.

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly with President Obama. Photo Credit: The White House Archives


In the spirit of the past two years, I would like to invite you all to participate in positive in-person discourse with as many people as you are able to handle over the next few weeks leading into election day. You know how in episode 101 I said, “don’t bother arguing with people on social media?” Let’s make a pact, to have more meaningful conversations off screen, and less one-sided pity parties.

The next time you find yourself enraged over something someone typed… check yourself before you respond, and ask, “How can I make a positive impact in the lives of others today?” Because that angry troll online doesn’t really care what you think, and you have a bigger chance of breaking your keyboard from typing so hard than changing their mind.


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