123: Access & Networking - How to never waste an opportunity.

My guest in this episode of Diferente is Wendell Haskins.

Wendell is a dynamic entrepreneur whose expertise has made him a sought-after event producer, panelist and speaker. He has appeared at the South Africa Golf Summit, The World Diversity Leadership Summit at the United Nations. All while leveraging his vast network of relationships with business professionals and celebrities.

Before founding his own lifestyle brand, Wendell served as Director of Artist and Repertoire/Artist Development for Island Records' Def Jam Recordings label, where he worked with iconic international acts, such as LL Cool J and many others. He later went on to establish the long-standing golf tournament, The Original Tee Golf Classic, which has raised thousands of dollars for philanthropic efforts supporting minority communities over the past 17 years.

Talk about a guy with a very Diferente approach to his career!

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Wendell Haskins. Photo credit: Dom Furore, Golf Digest

Wendell and I discuss how he came up in this competitive career, and shares great insight on how to cultivate valuable relationships. Starting with listening and being your authentic self.

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