129: Success is... The first six months of Diferente & 10 Takeaways for 2018.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I started off 2018 with the intention that I would let inspiration take a hold of me and guide me. And that’s exactly what happened when I created Diferente.

In the first six months of Diferente we’ve been blessed with amazing guests who have shared their thoughts on what success means to them. Because at Diferente, we believe that success is a personal word, to be defined by each individual only! There is never a wrong answer when it comes to answering this question…

What is your definition of Success?

If you haven’t taken time to reflect on this seven letter word, what better time than now?!

Every single conversation we’ve had on Diferente has left me with something to reflect on and expanded my curiosity even further. But since I don’t have time to share EVERYTHING I've learned with you, I decided to put together my personal list of ten takeaways that I hope also resonated with you!

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Check out the entire episode to listen to these ten takeaways:

UNO - Aundrea Posey taught me about the importance of taking risks. {Episode 111}

DOS - Have the courage to stand for something, even when it seems the world is against you. With, Natasha Martinez on {Episode 106}.


That's me on Episode 125.

CUATRO - Live in the moment!

With, Sean Boxe. {Episode 115}

CINCO - Learn through empathy. With, Tom Kelly. {Episode 121}

SEIS - Reclaim and love your body! With, Christy Harrison. {Episode 127}

SIETE - Don't be afraid to make mistakes or be embarrassed. With, Christian Heavens on Episode 114.

OCHO - It's ok to ask for help!

With, Licensed Clinical Therapist Adriana Alejandre. {Episode 109}

NUEVE - Get out of your bubble and experience different perspectives.

With, Cheyenne Woods on Episode 124.

DIEZ - It’s never too late to live your passion! With, Doug Smith. {Episode 102}


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