130: WHAT WE REALLY WANT! How to truly get a fresh start in 2019.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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Well, we're back! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 everyone!

We've been quiet for three weeks and it was a much needed hiatus for me. Not just because everyone deserves a break, but because we just went through a very BIG life changing event, again. And so I needed tine to get all the way right with myself and the demands of this big step.

Therefore I wanted to kick this year off with a special episode, with my husband and sometimes cohost Doug Smith, about what it means to set new year's resolutions and how those resolutions correlate to our goals and in the long-term, how they correlate to the purpose of our lives.

Do you ever wonder if you're living for yourself and what your heart truly desires, or if you're living for other people's expectations? Many of us make decisions and live according to a set of demands that we never even willingly subscribed to, just because we want to please others, or our egos.

I've been reflecting on this fact lately and I think that's why I've had this nagging question in the back of my mind lately: Who am I living for???

Have you ever asked yourself this?

Maybe you have, or maybe you have not. Regardless, this episode of Diferente might change your perspective on what it is you truly desire after all.

Sending love and kindness, sprinkled with laughs to you all!


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Producer/Host - Maribel Quezada Smith Guest co-host - Doug Smith Editor - Ricardo Pujol Music by Keagan Stromberg