141: The worst kind of heartbreak. How to keep on living without regrets.

In my opinion, the worst kind of heartbreak is when someone you love passes away.

A few weeks ago our friend and guest on Different, Shawn Boxe, passed away. You might remember the episode he was in, last summer. If you do, you probably remember his inspiring outlook on life.

So I want to share his episode with you again. In honor of his memory, and the Boxe family, who was so welcoming to us when we were in Canada last week for the funeral. I also want to share some of the things that I went through when I lost my brother-in-law four years ago, in hopes that my experience through grief will help others who might be going through the same thing.

Sending all my love to those who are hurting over the loss of a loved one.

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2018 - Shawn, my friend Alicia, (me), and my friend Wanakhavi.

Eddy and I back in 2014

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