101: Chorizo-Donuts-Tequila-Bourbon. How to Make an Impact Today!

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

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In episode 101, I give you some background on my personal story, and also four practical and easy tips that will help you start making an impact TODAY. 

Here's a quick recap!

My whole teen/adult life has been about the juxtaposition of two or more cultures. For the longest time, in my earlier years I thought I had to choose one over the other, to fit in or be successful at anything. That all changed one fall day...

Also, what’s the point of having the desire to do something, if we only put it on a to do list and then forget about it for the rest of our lives?

One of my biggest lessons in life so far is that the titles and credits I have on my resume are not who I am, they are what I have done. My greatest accomplishments so far are the lessons I’ve learned in kindness, perseverance, empathy and respect for other people’s journeys. I have found success in my own way, writing my story as I go.

Four things you can do to start making an impact today!

1. Know your purpose.

2. Share your opinion.

3. Volunteer!

4. Use your wallet.

Terms and Random Useful Knowledge

Chuchita - A common term for a random chick, also known as Chuchito, some random dude. Like the equivalent of Joe Shmo.

Panadería - It's the term we use in Spanish and in Mexico for a bakery.

Concha - A bread/pastry/Godsend food that is very typical in these panaderías.

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