Making Rich White Lady Decisions

Let's kick off the New Year with real talk that might make some of you uncomfortable, in episode 151 of DIFERENTE.

As a person of color, I deal with "buyers remorse" whenever I'm called to invest in myself or my business. Things like hiring help, paying a business coach, going to therapy, even upgrading my sheet thread count have made me feel bougie, or like an impostor.

Raise your hand if you've heard or have said these words out loud: "Therapy's for white people", "coaching is for rich people", or my own version: "nannies are for rich white ladies".

The sad truth is that we keep participating in this narrative as if the world wasn't already constantly telling us that we're not good enough to have these things.

For so many people I know, that's often the perception. Well I say F*CK PERCEPTION. ¡NO MAS! I will not hold myself back by these limiting beliefs, and neither should you!

That's why I asked, Transformation Coach, and fellow podcaster, Tangia Renee Estrada to join me in dismantling these lies, by exploring the cultural nuances that make it so difficult for us to wash away the impostor syndrome, and the fear of making "rich white lady decisions".

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