111: Success is being yourself! How to be true to your heart.

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

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This episode of Diferente podcast is all about creating your own version of success! With my special guest, Aundrea Posey, a producer, writer and fabulous woman, chasing her dreams of being a creative badass in Hollywood.  

To do what we love we must take risks, right?

But what happens when those moments of self-doubt and sabotage attack us? Aundrea opens up about her struggle to embrace her unique identity and celebrate her personal journey.

Plus, we chat about how to be a great story-teller through embracing your authenticity, taking a risk, and being true to your heart!

Want to be inspired? Aundrea took a risk and left her fast-track producer job to jump into a new creative journey that her heart called her to, even though she had no guarantees or promise of success. And now she's on the writing team for the TV reboot of The First Wives Club!

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