Telenovela Love. How to let go of our toxic impression of love.

In episode 157 of DIFERENTE, I catch up with my friend, fellow podcaster and artist, Stephania Ramos to chat about the common thread that unites so many of us multi cultural folks, the idea that love needs to be somewhat toxic to be real. I call this type of love, "amor de telenovela", you know where slapping someone is a turn on, "no" often means "yes", and being passive aggressive and playing hard to get is the only way to win.

That's the impression of love Stephania and I had growing up, and it stained every relationship we both had. Until one day we each realized the secret to letting go of that toxic idea of love had nothing to do with other people or canceling Telenovelas, and everything to do with ourselves.

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Maribel Quezada Smith, host of DIFERENTE, and her husband Doug Smith, embracing in front of a Saguaro cactus at a hiking trail in Phoenix, at sunset.
Me and my husband, Doug


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