117: #Winning Lotería! How to shatter those millennial stereotypes. With Mike Alfaro

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month!!! ¡Feliz mes de la Hispanidad!

In honor of this 30-day celebration of culture in the United States, we have prepared two very special episodes that focus on topics related to the U.S. Hispanic community! This is the second of the two. (You can find the first here.)

My guest in this episode of Diferente rejuvenated an old school board game that is transcending generational and cultural divides. This traditional game in the Hispanic culture is called, Lotería. It’s been around forever! Ok… at least a very long time and has been adapted over many generations. Now, Mike Alfaro has created a more progressive version and called it Millennial Lotería.

We also talk about the stereotypes that Millennial Latinos are fighting, along with the lesser known--not yet appropriated--cultural traditions that we both love, just like Lotería, celebrated in the Hispanic community.

By the way, you can pre-order Millennial Lotería HERE.

Mike Alfaro, the creative behind Millennial Lotería

And since we love learning, here are some crucial facts about the Hispanic/ latino/latinx community everyone should know.

  1. We don’t all come from Spanish-speaking countries, therefore we’re not all “Hispanic”. So.. this one is tricky because Hispanic Heritage Month actually celebrates people with roots from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. This includes countries like Brazil, where the primary language is Portuguese. So in review, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates all LATINOS, not just people from Spanish speaking countries.

  2. The term Latinx is very millennial. Some people have issues with it because they say it’s almost like “Spanglish”. But I say… ¿Y que? I really like using this term because it’s non-gender specific. It doesn’t end in an “o” or an “a”, so everyone wins!

  3. There are 33 Countries in Latin-America. Here's a list with all of them.

  4. Hispanic is not a race. It doesn’t matter how many legal forms try to convince you of this or marriage license clerks in Kentucky. These 33 Latin-American countries are very ethnically diverse. We come in various skin tones, shapes, and sizes!

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